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For some, a walk through has to do with looking at a new apartment or house that they are thinking about moving into.  For others, it could be an opportunity to STEP all over somebody else’s work.

For me, many years ago, when Programmers used Coding Pads and had to handle very large decks of cards so they could get their programs compiled for Desk Checking, a Walk Through was a very important part of preparing to write that program along with flowcharting, doing record and print layouts, and trying to figure out just exactly what the user might want considering how little  they would have actually said to me about what they need this program to do for them.

So, a typical Walk Through scenario could be something like this:

  • User wants a new report from an existing file of data
  • User tells programmer’s boss what they need and boss writes down what he/she thinks they asked for
  • Boss calls out to programmer